ID-10072535-300x257 How to write a powerhouse executive resume!Top decision makers in business often can’t stop agonizing over how to write their executive resume.

They make multi-million dollar decisions easily but the thought of hiring someone else to write their executive resume doesn’t even come up.

You can hire resume writers to write for you?

Yes, some people never even realize there are professionals who offer the service.

To be fair, this isn’t just true of executives. Many job seekers struggle with investing in resume writing services. But in the executive market, pricing is usually the easy decision. The hard decision is realizing they no longer can do it alone or that they need professional help in today’s market.

When did the market shift?

Executives struggle with why they even need a resume when most of the time, someone headhunted them for the next job.

They start to think that it is them. Maybe they lost their touch. Maybe they don’t have value anymore.

What changed? Today’s job search has many more players. LinkedIn opened the door to visibility for millions, some of whom would have escaped notice without the online opportunity to showcase your value

Should you choose someone to write your executive resume?

While writing an executive resume isn’t impossible for those in leadership roles, the nuances of how to do it correctly are confusing with again, a myriad of resources some of which give contrary information.

Someone told me this morning she heard she needed a sleeker resume with keywords. It is true you need to inject keywords in your resume but they have to be the right ones. The keywords you need have to correlate with your skill sets as well as your job target.

When I inquired about what she meant by sleeker, she said that she thought all resumes should be one page.

I don’t even write one page resumes for students. The resumes I write are usually two to three pages long but they capture much more in-depth information. Key to every resume I write is capturing the accomplishments and the value a person brings.

Executive resume writers are trained to distinguish executive traits and resume stories from the stories of middle managers or entry-level workers. When I earned my Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM), a jury of my peers studied four of my executive resumes to determine if I met the caliber of the executive level.

The executive resume must capture stories succinctly that illustrate the high level decision-making and skill sets. Examples:

  • Built $950 million global consumer business, increasing profit by 57%.
  • Developed and launched iconic new product, generating $225+ in sales.
  • Simplified operations, generating $30+ million and increased customer service levels from 65% to 96%.
  • Successfully merged acquired businesses into existing operations.
  • Established an integrated supply chain function, achieving 8% competitive cost advantage.

The resume isn’t the only job search tool you need today

When I work with clients, I am not only writing resumes. My packages all have my signature LinkedIn tour and coaching along with my LinkedIn profile writing included because I see LinkedIn key to everyone’s job search. LinkedIn is the tool of hiring managers and recruiters. Job seekers need to have a value-filled LinkedIn profile to be noticed.

I teach networking strategies to everyone and some of my packages have enhanced networking coaching.

There are many tools that help clients and especially executive clients win new roles.

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