The chief cause of many poor hiring decisions

The chief cause of many poor hiring decisionsPoor hiring decisions are caused by trying to speed up the process. I won’t be winning friends within HR departments or with hiring managers with this post but it has been on my mind for years.

How long do hiring managers spend reviewing resumes?

After seeing this statistic in a Career Builder Press Release, I had to share it with you and tell you what is on my mind:

One in six (17 percent) hiring managers spend 30 seconds or less, on average, reviewing résumés, according to a new CareerBuilder survey. A majority (68 percent) spend less than two minutes. With so little time to capture interest, even a candidate’s word choice can make a difference. The nationwide sample of employers identified which commonly-used résumé terms are overused or cliché and which are strong additions.

Speed causes poor hiring decisions

I have heard variations of this for years and always thought it is the source of poor hiring decisions. Now I know how many bad resumes there are out there. It would seem that it is a good idea to go fast but I also know that employers are often not pleased with their hiring decisions.

How long does a professional resume writer spend writing the resume for the job applicant (our clients)?

My colleagues work hard to deliver quality resumes. I know because we talk to each other – everywhere, on Facebook, Twitter, industry e-lists, LinkedIn groups, and even on the phone. I know that professional resume writers continue to enhance their skill sets to provide cutting-edge documents for their clients.

My process is a little different because since I write live with my clients, they are part of the process from start to finish. Every client project is different. For one executive level client with an extensive background in manufacturing leadership and fascinating graphics, it took 13.5 hours to finalize his resume. For another executive level client in behavioral health, it took only 6 hours to come up with a quality product she could submit. Even when I work with students, 6 hours is common.

Capture skills and expertise

Resume writers have to interview clients to find the stories that differentiate the clients from the rest of the pack. We create resumes that capture their skills and expertise while also quantifying and qualifying their information.

If an individual is writing their own resume to be successful, they need to use the same process of distilling their career into value-filled stories. Many of my clients have told me that when they wrote their own resumes, it took many more hours to reach the goal of a well-written and formatted resumes.

How long does a hiring manager or HR professional look at a resume?

A majority (68 percent) spend less than two minutes.

Why are they proud of this statistic? Is every person that they hire perfect for the job, producing innovative solutions and securing more business for them? Are all the employees they hire working out?

I would guess that they are not. Why are they so proud of rushing the process? Why doesn’t the hiring process – which begins with a well-done resume not warrant time. My mother always told me to slow down, that when I rushed through things I didn’t do a good job. Teachers in school tell students to put in the time to do the assignments right. But hiring has been distilled to a hurry up and get it down speed race.

Too many resumes

Poor hiring decisions are caused becausethe volume of resumes is too high. Automating the application process using Applicant Tracking Systems increased the volume dramatically coupled with the economic downturn. The point-n-click strategy of many job seekers who also hurry through the process and apply for positions without any qualifications adds to the process.

But to improve the hiring process, we have to stop making it a race. I know my clients much better than the hiring managers who took speed reading to breeze through resumes.

I encourage my clients to use the slow method of job search. Network and connect your resume and your talents with people who can use them.

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