The right job search strategy. Is it time to make a career move?

If you are wondering if it is time to make a career move, you need the right job search strategy.

  • Does your resume resonate with value-filled stories or sound like a job description?
  • Are you prepared to use today’s career tools?
  • Have you updated your LinkedIn profile?
  • Are you networking? I stress this with every client because, without the use of networking, your job search will be so much longer.
  • Have you developed a content marketing strategy to highlight you as an expert in your field?

You may think you already know the best job search strategy.

You read pop articles written by people who have no career industry or resume writing experience but tell you how to do it. Journalists are not career experts. They write for headlines.

The market is getting tighter. Today’s job seeker will succeed with the right tools and the right job search strategy.

Do you understand how to ask the right questions of yourself to write your resume to meet your target?

Examine the following bullets from recent job-winning clients to see if you can find similar stories in your past:

  • Digital Marketing – Championed and launched strategic plan for Facebook, LinkedIn Americas, Twitter and Instagram, driving growth in LinkedIn presence 48% YOY growth from 2019 to 2020. ~ Job Won – Director of Marketing, Hospitality 
  • MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE – Revolutionized operations through implementing Enterprise Project Management System (EPM) globally, driving completion of 350 projects annually with a CAPEX spend of $150M and improving project completion by 35% and 95% on time and on budget. ~ Job Won – CEO, Food Industry, CPG
  • Business Transformation – Drove rigor and disciplines to evolve the organization into best practice through innovative commercial pricing and operational models (SaaS, PaaS), product innovation into digital channels, along with cost improvements of the service model. ~ Job Won – Senior Vice President of Fund Development, Nonprofit Industry
  • Food Safety Program Development – Executed and led International Dairy Foods Association’s joint HACCP pilot operation with cheese manufacturer, Food & Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and state regulatory agency to develop an industry-wide food safety program. ~ Job Won –Chief Food Safety Officer, a national cooperative

All four of these jobs were won in August and September 2020. I work with talented professionals who have great stories to tell. I just help them tell them.

How the Design Resumes job search strategy works

Design Resumes has put together an arsenal of tools and strategies to get you out of the gate and into a new director to an executive role. Your resume will be written by me (Julie Walraven). My clients are amazed at how together we find their success stories as I question them while we write their resume live. 

Often they have forgotten or dismissed the work they did in the past, I help jog their memory.

Let me explain about my live and interactive process. Most people today are using Zoom in some capacity. Video technology has been a tool I used with clients for more than 10 years.

It is critical to meet with my clients in interactive sessions so I can better understand what they want to do in the future and tell the story correctly about what they contributed to their companies in past roles.

Personalized job search strategy

Every Design Resumes project is personalized to the client’s needs. I personally create the career marketing products with the client during our Zoom sessions: resumes, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, networking letters, or executive bios the client needs for his or her job search. At the same time, I coach the client on critical questions and concerns about the job search.

In addition, I partnered with stellar career industry leaders to offer these amazing services that are woven into my packages:

You may be thinking that you should wait until the end of the election, the end of the year, or the end of the pandemic to get started on your job search strategy, but you will be waiting too long.

Explore my services here. Want a conversation to better understand how I can help you? Schedule one here Or email me

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The right job search strategy. Is it time to make a career move?

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