The Right Tools for your Jobsearch

right-toolsI had them all along. I knew I did too. I had the right tools to conquer the weeds in my garden. The most important tool was the pitchfork and second came the gloves. The combination was a winner.

But I knew I had them. The gloves I used a lot. But alone the gloves weren’t enough. I could pull out weeds but they broke off and the roots were still in the ground. But I never used the pitchfork. It was around the corner in the garage. It wasn’t hard to put the door up and it wasn’t hiding. It just wasn’t convenient.

Changing Strategies

Today, I went and got the pitchfork and put on the gloves and the weeds that had broken off and stuck in the ground stubbornly before popped right out. I worked for an hour and cleared a whole section, just like that!

I had the right tools. And I knew I had them all along. But I didn’t take the effort to use them.

How often does that happen to you? Do you stubbornly stick to doing things the hard way or not doing them at all because the right tools are just not in your hands at the right time? I don’t just do this in the garden.

Job seekers are convinced there are no jobs

I do this in other areas of my life too and I see my clients doing it too. They have the right tools, but they don’t always use them right. And stubbornly, they too are convinced that there are no jobs out there, they are being eliminated, no one likes them… but did they use the right tools, the right way?

A well-written professional resume needs the right tool, networking

Many times they used their well-written, accomplishment-driven resume but they were missing the right tool, their network. Combined they make the job search go easier. Are you using your network or are you leaving it behind because it takes a bit of work to put it together?

I had the right tool but I wasn’t using it. Are you?

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  1. Lynette Cherisol on March 28, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Nicely stated