Top 10 Resume Tip #8 – Focus the resume

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Top 10 Resume Tip #8 – Focus the resume

“All I want is a generic resume. One I can use anywhere!” Wow, this is such a common request that if I polled my colleagues in the professional resume writing field I would hear all kinds of “Yeses!”

Consensus is: Never write a generic resume!

I would also hear the answer that a generic or vanilla resume is never, ever a good choice. Without focus and a target for your resume, you might as well be throwing them directly in the trash or hitting delete for the hiring manager. No one wants resumes that do not match their target jobs.

You also don’t have to create a specific resume for each job you apply to but you do need to tailor the resume to a field or area and then support the resume with detailed accomplishments to showcase your value.

3 tips for targeting resumes

If you take a look at my sample resumes, you will find ways to target and focus the resume. Let’s pinpoint a few ways:

  1. Banner Headline – support your target by clearly showcasing it in the beginning part of the resume. Though the samples show my color banner option, you can do the same with bold or perhaps lines. The issue is to set off your target.
  2. Key Words – everyone talks ab0ut keywords today. I separate a group in a section that specifies your expertise for the position in a Key Strengths section and also weave those words throughout the resume and accompanying cover letter and will use the same words on LinkedIn profiles.
  3. Selected Accomplishments – recently I have started selecting 4- 6 accomplishments from the client and placing them in a separate power-packed section in the beginning of the resume. I work at picking items to support the target and are quantifiable. Some may come from recent positions but by labeling the company worked for during the accomplishment, I can pull from older experience and still give value to the resume.

These are just a few ways I focus resumes for my clients. If you are a frustrated job seeker, ask yourself if you are trying to go the generic route and pushing out resumes in volume without focus or a target. You will experience much greater results including interviews and job offers if you decide to abandon generic resumes and find a focus for your resume.

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