Top 5 grammar mistakes to avoid in a job search

Grammar and spelling are critical in everyday life as well as in job search. Make sure your resume and LinkedIn Profile is free of spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Watch everything you write, post, email, or complete in a job search.

If you look like you are too lazy to write correctly in today’s world, employers have no desire to hire you.

The 5 common grammar mistakes that bug me

  1. Confusing “there” — if you mean over there (spell it THERE), if you mean someone’s property (spell it THEIR), and if you mean they are (spell in THEY’RE).
  2. Irregardless is not a word. You mean regardless. “Since the prefix ir- means “not” (as it does with irrespective), and the suffix -less means “without”, the word contains a double negative.”
  3. Then and than. Use “then” if you are talking about time. “We will go to the meeting and then go to lunch at Jalapenos.” When comparing two things, use “than.” I enjoyed my hamburger more than the soup.
  4. Not anyways – anyway is singular. I made this mistake when I first met my husband 30+ years ago, and he drilled it into me that the correct word is anyway, so when I hear “anyways” now, my ears hurt.
  5. Its and It’s — Use its most of the time, use “It’s” only when you mean it is. It’s time for dinner.  

How to avoid errors in your writing

  1. When working in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, make sure you have the grammar and spell check options turned on and use them.
  2. If you open an old document, reset any spell check or grammar options you may have turned off.
  3. When in double, use to check the spelling.
  4. Turn spell check on in your emails and run it before you sent if it isn’t always on. Nothing is worse than getting an email with a multitude of errors. Last week I got one with the word, “delema” in the subject line. She meant the word, “Dilemma.”
  5. Double-proof online profiles such as LinkedIn or Facebook. I noticed someone with “Cheif Operating Officer” in their LinkedIn headline — But Chief is the correct spelling, ouch!
  6. Google. As simple as that sounds, checking the spelling or the definition of an acronym assure you that it is correct.

You may have the attitude that spelling and grammar are no big deal or use the excuse that you were never a good speller. Today with spell checkers and grammar checkers built into everything, you need to drop that excuse and fix your grammar mistakes and spelling errors.

Want to improve your spelling and grammar skills?

  1. When one of my sons was struggling with spelling in high school and I started homeschooling him, I bought this expensive but very effective book, Spelling Power. He said it made spelling fun for him. He’s the math expert and English was never his favorite subject but this book was something that helped.
  2. Do crossword puzzles. The best way to build up your spelling muscles is to use them. You can find free online resources.
  3. Read. In our fast-paced world, many people read less but reading more will benefit you because as you read, you build your vocabulary.
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