Transitions: the beginning of empty nests

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We’re in transition here. My youngest son is finally making the move to his house. The remodeling process has gone much slower than any of us thought. I thought by April of 2010, both my sons would have moved to the house and I would have to adjust to that empty nest.

The house took much longer with potable water issues and other unforeseen construction problems. My son moved his bed over so he could continue working on the remodeling but he has to come here to shower until that phase is complete.

My older son won’t move until September so the nest won’t be completely empty until then.

For me, I can feel some levels of sadness as the transition starts. Seeing my son’s emptying room, with the bed gone now and the rest to move over soon, invokes emotions I didn’t totally expect.

Design Resumes has always been operated from a home-based office. Since I work with clients both locally and virtually, I continuously interact with people. When not working with clients, I treasure my alone time for creative projects like this blog so I don’t think the empty nest syndrome affects me like those who thrive on being with people.

What does the future hold?

I find myself analyzing my feelings more and wondering what the future holds. You know, that point in your life that you look more introspectively. For me, this is has been a process that started with changing my business operations by dropping contracts with non-profits to eliminate the conflict from trying to be too many people at once. I used to say I didn’t know how I could keep all the plates spinning without dropping some of them.

My resume writing and career marketing clients range from new grads to high level executives. I seem to hear my clients who are 40+ being more analytical. As they progress in their career and their family status changes, they wonder what is next. A common phrase from my clients is: “I don’t know what I will do when I grow up!”

Career Change and Management

It is healthy to take a look at your career and life periodically to make adjustments to reach your goals. For some of my clients, they think they should make a career change sooner rather than later because they want to make sure they reach their goals before they get older.

Do you find yourself doing a career or life analysis to give yourself a road map to the future?

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