Update your resume for 2022 not 1999

When you start thinking about updating your resume or creating a new resume, you get a host of answers. You don't know who to believe.

How do you update your resume for 2022?

Let's start with what changed. I randomly selected an old resume I wrote in 1999. I removed the name but left the content and organization the same.

Let's look at some of the issues:

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Tips for updating your resume for 2022

  1. Remove any objective statements. This is an outdated strategy and is better replaced with an executive summary or a quality branding statement.
  2. Maximize the top section of the resume. Hiring managers and recruiters tend to use the top 1/2 to 2/3s of the first page to determine if the candidate remains in the running for the position. You need to make an incredible impact in that space. Don't waste it!
  3. Position your top resume stories that match the goal for your next role in that top section of the resume.
  4. Keywords should be in this top section aligned with your goals. To determine the best keywords to include in your resume, read job descriptions and build a spreadsheet with the most important words for your next role. Be sure you can defend the keywords as well as any of your resume stories.
  5. The typical resume look back is 10 to 15 years. If your particular roles are with a company go back further than 10 to 15 years, you should include the full employment in your resume. However, if you have multiple roles in that time frame, plan a cut-off time.
  6. Older roles should be placed in a section labeled "Early Career Profile" or "Prior Career Highlights" and instead of dates such as 2001-2005, you can use 4 years. I have used this strategy for years.
  7. Education should be placed at the end of the resume except in cases of recent graduates (less than 5 years) and in some cases such as higher education (College professors).

When you update your resume for 2022, don't forget the resume stories

More crucial than anything else in your resume is the capture of the value you bring. To write an effective resume, you need to hone in on the roles you want most and create a strategy to include the most critical stories to defend your ability to do the job.

When clients work with me, we identify where they want to go and what work they want to do most to create resumes and career marketing targeting their goals.  Learn More.

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Update your resume for 2022 not 1999

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