Very Basic Tips for Online Applications

Things I take for granted are not always things that every person knows. Since I coach job seekers with many levels of technology skills and this blog is also read by a range of job seekers from diverse occupations and industries, I don't want to assume that everyone is on the same page. I always say that I live on a computer but not everyone does.

Tips for Online Applications start with the basics

A frequent question is "what is copy and paste?" or "How do I copy and paste?"

The tips for online applications you need to know are how to use the shortcut keys to applying online. The text resume is critical. Complete directions are in this link that gives you step-by-step instructions to create the text resume. If you don't already have a text version of your resume, please start there to learn how to create one.

However, sometimes even when my clients have the resume in text version, they are not sure how to get the resume from Notepad to the online application when it says: "Enter (or copy and paste) the text of your resume here"

Remember these three key shortcut keys on a PC to make your online applications go smoother:

  1. Control (ctrl) plus A is select all. It will select all the text in the document you have open.
  2. Control (ctrl) plus C is Copy. You can then copy all of your resume or cover letter.
  3. Now go to the open online application and in the space that asks you to paste your resume, use Control (ctrl) plus V which is Paste, to paste the content from step 2 into the application.

Now your resume should be in the application and you can finish the application. Does this help?

You can leave the text version of your resume open to copy and paste into the specific fields after the upload. Many times uploading your resume results in the wrong data in the wrong fields. With the text resume still open, you can copy and paste the information into the correct fields. Applicant tracking systems are improving but they have not yet reached the point where your Word document or your PDF uploads smoothly with the data into all the correct fields.

Everyone needs a guide in their job search. I have partnered with thousands of job seekers to create job-winning resumes, target their LinkedIn profiles for discovery by recruiters and hiring managers, and prepared them to land substantial job offers.

See how here.

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