Are you wallowing in your life problems?

Are you wallowing in your life problems?Wallowing never solved anything but every day someone is wallowing in their problems and not taking action.

What is wallowing?

When I use the word, Wallowing, I mean “to become or remain helpless.”

Sometimes people think their problems are bigger than anyone else’s problems. At times, even I have felt that way but I also am fully convinced that the only way to achieve success in anything is to keep moving forward.

What gets in the way of success?

If you spend your time thinking “if only…” you will be stuck forever. If however, you spend your time thinking of the next step you need to take toward your goal, you will get there despite anything standing in your way.

I don’t believe that anyone is unable to change their circumstances. Unwilling to change, yes. There are many people who are unwilling to change.

Job seekers often use excuses to avoid action.

Networking is the toughest challenge for most of my clients. Even though I work with some born extroverts, many people have at least a dose of introvert in them. Most people are afraid that someone will tell them “No.” 

As an entrepreneur, I can tell you that fear of no affects everyone. I can use excuses too. I don’t want to reach out to prospective clients who have already spoken with me about my services but I know they need that reassurance that I actually want them as a client.

Job search is like that too. You think you already applied, why should you contact them? Think about the potential 1000s of applicants for each position. Showing that you actually care about working for the company makes a difference.

If you are wallowing and thinking it is hopeless, you will never get a job, Stop It! Things only happen when you take action!

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