What do you want to get done before you die? What are you waiting for?

We’ve heard of bucket lists. Maybe this post is talking about that, but maybe not. What do you want to get done before you die? Are you procrastinating things because:

  • You think you don’t have the money
  • There will be time when you retire
  • A career move will put you out of your comfort zone
  • You are basing your job choices on health insurance (watch for my thoughts in a future blog post)

What choices are you stalling but you want to get done before you die?

I find that life slips by for many people and they keep putting the things they want most on hold.

Sometimes people are afraid that if they venture into the unknown career field they will get a no. And they might. Every no puts you closer to a yes so there is a point where you have to take that chance.

Many people I speak with have been doing something they don’t love because it feels safe. But at the same time, when you never give something a try, you won’t know.

Assertive job search requires courage

Most people look for jobs the easy way. They look through job descriptions and see if they fit. If they meet enough qualifications, then they apply. But they only apply online. They stop before they get started.

While the online application may be necessary, you need to be willing to search for a way to network into the company. This is where it gets scary so most people quit. It may mean picking up the phone and asking who the department head is for Engineering or Project Management or Pediatric Nursing.

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to help you find the person in charge of a specific area. After you find them, you need to take the next step of contacting them. You can get rejected. Chalk that up to the process and keep trying.

The people who hire me are just like you. Many are afraid of rejection. Often they don’t know how best to market themselves. This is where my individualized method of resume writing and helping job seekers works best.

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