What is stopping you? A question that changed my life

What is stopping you from achieving your goals?

You might find this a funny question but it really is critical in the midst of all of this. You may find this a time when you want to hunker down and hide but that would be the worst possible solution.

You feel like the coronavirus pandemic will last forever, even I called this our new normal in a prior article. But it won’t last forever and you now have new opportunities.

Big disruptions are an opportunity to rethink everything.

Let me explain how the “What is stopping you” question changed my life.

In December 2009, I had dropped my last outside connection to income produced by anything that wasn’t related to the career industry. I wanted to take my fledgling business, Design Resumes, to the next level. But it had been fledgling way too long.

In fact, one reason I accepted a non-profit contract in 1997 was the promise that the marketing agency who had the contract last would train me on marketing. They didn’t.

12 years later, I wanted marketing training from the best source I could find. In addition, social media was just growing. I started exploring social media in 2006 when I learned about LinkedIn through my career industry associates. My curiosity was piqued. I found Jim Connolly, UK small business marketing coach online in 2008. His solid advice was so intriguing that I really wanted to jumpstart my business with his coaching.

Like many people, I feared to make a big move. I was contemplating this while trying to take photos of Teddy, my German Shepherd. I was trying to take his photo with the webcam and Skype by feeding him baby carrots (which he loved.) One of my son’s friends was in the living room right outside my office and he heard me coaxing Teddy. I explained to this 22-year-old young man I really wanted to work with Jim Connolly but I was afraid. He looked at me and said, “What is stopping you?”

My explanation was that I was afraid it wouldn’t work out or Jim wouldn’t want to work with me or it would cost too much. However, my what is stopping you reasons sounded lame when I voiced them. I sent an email to Jim Connolly, I think I had already commented on his blog and talked to him on Twitter by then. My email began:

Hi Jim,
For quite awhile, I have been studying your blog and your website. As you know, I disconnected from Wausau Whitewater to pursue Design Resumes as a “real” live business for the first time in my career. You can probably guess that I have to watch my choices and finances but there is no marketing person in the world that I would rather have coach me than you.

He called me after the holidays as I suggested and totally surprised me but shortly after that call, I hired him. This was the beginning of 3 years of marketing coaching, which gave me the tools to move my business to nationwide.

What is stopping you from making the decision?

I see job seekers and entrepreneurs make this mistake just like I almost did 10 years ago. What is stopping you? Usually, it is the fear of trying something new and fear of failure.

If you faced that fear and moved forward, what would change? For me, it changed my life.

Today, we face down COVID-19 and some with only face it with fear. There will be an opportunity to make many new decisions in the aftermath of this crisis.

Are you ready to take the next step? One of my newest clients said this right after she hired me:

Looking forward to working with you.  I am a bit apprehensive about the whole process of job searching but I feel confident working with you.

I guide your career journey. Learn more.

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What is stopping you? A question that changed my life

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