What to do when you feel frustrated by everything

What to do when you feel frustrated by everythingYou know how it is. You feel frustrated. Is it something in particular or everything in general?

Hard to define what makes you frustrated?

Some days it just seems that things pile up and we don’t know the exact thing triggering this sense of frustration. We just know we are frustrated and everything is snowballing on us.

I find that when I get to the point that I am not making any headway, I need to walk away.

Take a break when you are frustrated

  • Are you overtired? Take a nap. Even 15 or 20 minutes will help you feel refreshed.
  • Did you miss lunch? Skipping meals or eating the wrong foods can make you frustrated. Fuel up on things that you enjoy but are also good for you.
  • Is a project stuck? Break it up into smaller bites. When we look at the whole of anything, it can become overwhelming. Set goals to do small parts and soon the full project will be done.
  • Do you need exercise? Desks tend to claim many people’s lives. Take a walk at lunch. Stretch several times an hour.

You provide less value when you are frustrated

You may think that you have to keep going. If you take time out to fix you, you are letting down the team. Most of the time, if you are one of those people who continues to drive yourself until you are sick or just really out of control emotionally, you cease providing people to the people around you.

More tips when you feel frustrated

  • They say music calms the savage beast. Put on the type of music you like best and sing along. (probably not in the office, though!)
  • Read a book. I love to slip away into a good book.
  • Do something else. When you are stuck on one thing, if you work on something else for awhile, you will feel better.

By taking better care of you, everyone around you benefits!

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