Is your job happiness showing up in social media photos?

Job Happiness? What do your online photos say about you? I have spoken before about the need for a quality headshot for LinkedIn and while that is important, today I would like to have you do a little exercise. If you are not loving your job, this could be a very important exercise for you.

Some Design Resumes clients come to me specifically because they are very unhappy in their present job and it is making them sick. They dread going to work in the morning.

They have no job happiness.

They may struggle with their boss, or a coworker, or the work itself may just be an unbelievably bad fit. Some people may be smart enough to seek professional help from a counselor to find the underlying cause of their issues. For others, they know something is wrong, but they are just beginning to think of a way to fix it.

What is your level of job happiness?

Sometimes this happens with a change in management. Life can be going well and then the manager or owner dies, gets sick, or just gets a job at another company, leaving in his place a manager who is really a tyrant. At times, you recognize the problem, and other times you just think it is you.

How to diagnose that it is time for a career change

There are many ways to see if overall you have changed but with our new online presence, there is a quick check you can do. Look at your Facebook photos before you started hating going to work. Then look at some of them now.

I have seen people go from a healthy, happy look to sunken baggy eyes, and a tired look in a brief time. If this is your latest look, it is time to make a career change.

This may seem like a silly test, but it is a straightforward way to know if you need to make a change.

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Is your job happiness showing up in social media photos?

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