Whatever the results, be kind to others!

Whatever the results, be kind to others!I don’t know. Are people still kind? Some days, I just don’t know. I really think that we need to work on being kind.

Are you working on being kind?

Everyone has bad days but lately it seems like so many people go out of their way to be mean rather than trying to be kind.

One of the reasons I think we see this is because social media has given us the opportunity to say whatever is on our mind. This doesn’t mean you should say it though and I think people forget this.

The average person has too many ways to be mean today. Perhaps you see social media as an opportunity to vent. A few years back, we talked about writing things down in a letter and then not sending the letter. Just get your feelings out.

A few years after that, we talked about writing an email but not sending it until morning. Not anymore.

The problem is an instantaneous culture

The problem is that now people write it down but they tweet it, text it, or post it immediately no matter what it is or who it hurts. People break up with a text.

This election has been horrible for relationships but tomorrow when we get the results, we will still have people who are mad. Someone will win and someone will lose. The instantaneous culture will continue but you have a choice. You have a choice whether we are talking about politics or any other topic.

You have the choice to practice being kind. Or Not. There will be many people who choose to continue to be mean. You don’t have to be one of them.

What’s your choice? You decide. I can guarantee you will be happier in the long run if you choose to be kind. I know my choice.

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