When you realize your resume isn’t reaching the executive job market

In the executive job market, senior leaders worry hiring managers will miss their resume.

Incredibly, top leaders feel invisible and look for the magic formula to land an interview.

Their focus is in the wrong direction

Without a doubt, your resume must capture your value from past roles.

Inject compelling resume stories to define business transformation, big data, or analytics projects you implemented.

Infuse your resume with captivating stories. Share details of how you designed and launched an international joint venture to propel sales from zero to $50M.

Check your job search strategy. Don’t solely use job boards to reach the executive job market or any job market. Point and click strategies do not help you find jobs.

To reach the executive job market target the companies using your network

Identify companies matching your key market and industry. After you put finishing touches on your value-driven resume and LinkedIn profile, research connections to get you in the door of your targeted company. Most job seekers reluctantly expand beyond their comfortable network.

Every job seeker benefits from targeted job search and using LinkedIn. A quick Google search shows job seekers win 70% to 85% of jobs through networking. Read more in Gina Belli’s Payscale article.

The hidden job market contains 80% of new jobs that are never listed but are filled internally or via networking.

Most people need coaching in better networking strategies

Don’t feel alone. After all, it is hard to reach out to people you don’t know well. This is why you should create a dynamic LinkedIn profile and nurture it throughout your career. LinkedIn is designed to visually show you connections to  someone at companies you target. Clearly, you find some networking quests that fail, not everyone connects with people they know well.

By expanding your connections and nurturing your network, you will be far more successful than spending all your time online.

Is now the time to prepare for your next senior leadership role with a value-driven resume, LinkedIn profile, and coaching to help you overcome obstacles? Let’s Talk!

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