Who is a job seeker?

In the career industry, professional resume writers and career coaches like myself often use the word, “Job Seekers.”

Job Seekers Meaning

I was thinking the other day that it really needs some definition.

The Job Seekers meaning what is it?

Some people may think that “job seekers” are always unemployed but that isn’t what I mean by the term and I would guess that many of my colleagues don’t mean that either.

Who is a job seeker?

Think about it. A seeker of a job. Someone who is looking for a job. We could say career seeker because most job seekers are really seeking a career as much as an individual job. We tend to be defined by our work. We seek a career path that we can follow that will bring us all the other things we want in life.

The definition of meaningful work

We want fulfillment and we want meaningful work. What is meaningful work to one person might be something totally different from the next person?

I define a job seeker as the person who wants to change their current work. They can be employed, unemployed, a new graduate, or someone seeking to move from being a business owner to an employee role.

A job seeker is definitely not always unemployed. They are seeking. Most people will be job seekers several times in their life and for some, they will be job seekers many times in their life. All are seeking that meaningful work. For me, meaningful work is helping job seekers find what they are looking for through teaching them the best strategy for their own search.

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