The three-part recipe for failed job search

The three-part recipe for failed job search

As professional resume writers, we get calls from people other than the prospective client to initiate the process for a job seeker. Sometimes it works but often it is a recipe for a failed job search.

The Parent investment into their child’s resume

Sometimes it is a parent who wants to get Johnny moving in his job search. They check me out to see if I am legitimate and whether investing in their child’s job search makes sense. I understand their vested interest. They want to ensure Johnny is hired especially if Johnny is eating out of their fridge and still living rent-free in their house.

The Spouse investment into the resume for their husband or wife

I also get calls from spouses who want me to write the resume for their husband or wife. Perhaps the spouse is the one managing the finances and wants to make sure it is a good investment. Again, they are probably making sure I am credible and will really do the job.

The Sibling investment into the resume for their sister or brother

Once in awhile, I get the older brother or sister, often someone who worked with me before, who wants to get their sister or brother started with a new resume. Sometimes it is a birthday, college graduation, or Christmas gift. I even offer gift certificates for anyone who wants to make it a surprise gift.

The Friend investment into a resume

Once in a rare while, I even have friends who contact me, check me out, and pay in advance or give a gift to a friend for their resume and job search package. This can be a great way to help someone out.

Why this can lead to a failed job search

In many cases, this works out perfectly. However, I insist on talking with the actual client before commitment is made. The client needs to understand my process. He or she needs to commit to sessions with me to develop their resume and create the actual project together. My live resume writing process receives rave reviews from many clients but the client has to invest personally in the process.

All resume writers have the over-eager mom or dad, wife or husband, sibling or friend, who did all the talking. This person may say, “I think I should be there for the sessions.” Or they may tell me, “I don’t think Johnny or Jane will talk to you so I better be there to help.”

The client has to be able to talk to the resume writer

Not going to work. If Johnny or Jane isn’t able to articulate his or her accomplishments to me, what is going to happen in the interview? When the individual paying for the resume understands this, they let me take over as the guide. The process has to happen with the client directly.

One recent call was from a wife who did all the talking. She took what I said back to her husband, who was unemployed for the past 1 1/2 years as an engineer. She called back to say he would rather do it all in writing. Hint – you can’t do an interview in writing. If you cannot articulate your career stories to me, you won’t be able to do it to get hired either.

No one can run your job search for you!

If you let someone else run your job search, stop it! Take charge and make the difference for yourself. It is ok for someone else to pay for  you. But you need to commit to doing the work to create your resume and career marketing plan.

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