Job seeker, don't say I'm not technology savvy!


Job seeker, don't say I'm not technology savvy!Not technology savvy? Many job seekers are not

If you are the IT field and or implemented highly advanced technological improvements as part of their managerial or executive roles, you know your way around a computer.

On the other hard,  people remark, “I’m not technology savvy.”

Technology is a critical component of your career skills

It isn’t an option to ignore technology skills or say you are not technology savvy. You may say you work on a computer all day and don’t want one at home or your manufacturing roles don’t need you to understand technology. All of those are not good options. Jobs are not forever and you need to build technology skills for many reasons:

  • You absolutely cannot do a job search without technology skills.
  • Online applications, resumes, social media job search, and research are done primarily through the computer (or your phone.)
  • Don’t leave technology alone because it scares you or you don’t know how.
  • Few jobs don’t incorporate technology. If you work in the manufacturing environment, increasingly you need to access production schedules, production reports, and even program the manufacturing equipment.

Build a basic understanding of the basics: how to save a file, build the file, and access it later.

  • Access technology tools. Laptops have come down in price, put it in your budget and then load it with the common tools. All resume and career marketing projects are written at Design Resumes in Microsoft Word. When a client tells me they can’t open a file or it looks different, I check if Word is on their computer. Today Microsoft’s product line includes Office 365 with a monthly fee for the programs as well as the more traditional Office software packages.
  • Invest in understanding how much our world has changed in the last 5 to 10 years. Communication goes at light speed now. We communicate with Australia from Wisconsin on Facebook in seconds. It is easy to have a running conversation about everything from food to the latest technology tool. The tools for you as a job seeker as well as your potential employer are incredible. You can easily find out information about companies, hiring managers, and of course, you the prospective employee.

My message today is don’t ignore technology. Embrace it and immerse yourself in it. You will emerge a better employee and have fun in the process.

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