Why a truly functional resume never works

Every once in awhile, I get a request for a functional resume and the answer is always no, I can’t write that.

Should you write a functional resume if you look like a job hopper?

NO! People who ask generally are concerned about their job history and being accused of being a job hopper. A true functional resume groups accomplishments together without a reference to when the job was done or who the employer was that employed the individual. It is touted as a success piece because it disguises the employment history.

Unfortunately for the job seeker, the functional resume format creates immediate red flags for most employers. Suddenly, the employer, recruiter, or hiring manager is wondering what it is that you are trying to hide.

Trust me, I have spoken to enough people in human resources roles to know that any red flag will mean that they simply pass on to the next candidate.

How can I highlight my best accomplishments?

If you are worried that your best accomplishments will be buried if you don’t use a functional format, let me suggest something else that is standard on Design Resumes resumes and you can review on any number of our sample resumes. The drop-down menu will take you to a variety of resumes crafted for multiple industries, occupations, and field.

As you explore resumes such as the Facilities Manager, Operations Manager, or Senior Pastor, you will find a common section, Selected Accomplishments or Milestones. For example, the accomplishments from Operations Manager:

  • Play a key role in directing and managing space planning, relocations, renovations, and construction projects for new and existing facilities. ~ Port Side Cruises
  • Managed design, construction, and relocation of new corporate offices totaling 240,353 square feet (SF) in Latin America, United States, and Canada. ~ Source-Ware
  • Prepared and managed operations budget of more than $30 million and capital budgets of more than $50 million. ~ Source-Ware
  • Established 45 field locations throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific for projects ranging from $120,000 to $12.9 million in value with project sizes ranging from 3,000 to 150,000 SF. ~ TYABASE

Note how each of the accomplishments is tagged with the employer. The last company is only listed in the Prior Background section of the resume because it is older but we still pulled out the accomplishment and showcased it in the Selected area.

Using creative strategies like the Selected accomplishment area lets you put the focus on the positions you want the hiring manager to read first. A professional resume writer understands what the hiring manager wants to see and makes sure you don’t make the fatal mistake of raising red flags.

Julie Walraven can help you achieve results through using a personalized job search and resume writing  strategy to take the mystery out of the process. To find out how, simply click here!

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