Why capitalization and spelling matter in your career

Why capitalization and spelling matter in your careerThe rules of grammar and capitalization matter in your job search and in your professional communication. In general, texting, Twitter, and other modern communication methods have made people sloppy. To fit word limits, we have shortened things such as “u” for you and “TY” for thank you.

Capitalization for your name on LinkedIn

If you want to get the attention of someone, you need to write coherently. I have a more liberal LinkedIn connection policy than some people but I still don’t say yes to everyone. I will give you a little leeway if you use the common LinkedIn invite, “I’d like to add you to my professional network.”

Maybe you are a LinkedIn newbie or maybe you hit one of the auto-connect areas on LinkedIn that send the invite without letting you customize.

But if you send me a LinkedIn invite with your name in lower case or all caps, I am going to turn you down. I don’t care if you are trying to make a statement. I want to see your name properly capitalized. First name, Last name, i.e., Julie Walraven, not julie walraven or JULIE WALRAVEN!

Why you need to avoid texting abbreviations in your professional communication

A few weeks ago, I did my annual AmeriCorps presentation and follow-up one-on-one resume snapshots. While talking with Steve, the AmeriCorps director, he was very clear how much the texting mode of communication bothers him.

Steve introduced me to others in his office that work with younger students than he does. He suggested that we need to be teaching correct communication to middle schoolers. It irritates him when AmeriCorps members, who are generally in late high school or college, send him professional emails with text language and lack of capitalization.

When he reviews applications from people who would like to join his team, he wants them to use proper English.

You can bet that hiring managers and others who review your emails or shudder, your resume,  are put off by this kind of communication. If you have slipped into texting or Twitter mode for all your communication, think again. Professionalize your communication and you will have much better results.
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