Why consistency is critical in everything, including your job search

Why consistency is critical in everything, including your job search

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I am sure I am not alone in the battle to reach consistency. You know, you have good intentions and you start something and you fully plan to follow it through. I have good intentions to do many things but I have to keep focused to make sure they actually happen.

This year’s endeavors include the constant battle of spending more time at my computer sitting than I know I should. I am making deliberate steps to change that. Want to know how?

  • I decided that I wouldn’t just think about riding the exercise bike, I would actually do it. For the last year, I even had a standard item in my to-do list that says: Ride Bike ____ minutes ____ miles ____ calories burned. Think I did it, nope! I had plans, just no consistency.
    • The solution: I found a new app to use: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ which lets me record exercise and food on both my PC and my Windows Phone. Since it is much easier to use than my last one and gives me consistency because I am motivated to keep track.
    • I also have two online groups who provide accountability and support which also results in improved consistency because I report to them.
    • And I found a way to make it more fun, see below. When you are having fun, it is easier to be consistent.
  • I also had a goal to s.art reading more. By combining my two goals, I was able to achieve both. I figured out that I can read on the bike. So I am leaving books I want to read on the bookshelf next to the bike. If I am not looking at the numbers on the bike, I ride longer and I get my reading done.

How does consistency apply to your job search?

It is easy to be inconsistent with your job search. You start out with good intentions but little by little your determination slips away and you end up giving up.

Let’s use my consistency example above and see if we can find a connection:

  • Find a way to make yourself accountable. A friend or family member or maybe even an online group could provide the support you need to follow through.
  • Combine your job search goal with something else you enjoy. We all know that networking is key to job search success but many people are confused about networking. I gave you a personal example of networking connections, here, but what you need to think about is how you can nurture your networking relationships. So if your goal is to build a stronger network, you might do that through volunteering for the Salvation Army in one of their projects or perhaps you would enjoy Special Olympics or your church. Getting out there and meeting people will build your network while you also contribute to the community and others.

Consistency is the key to success in everything you try to do from weight loss to job search. It is easy to be inconsistent and much harder to be consistent. I also find that I benefit when I don’t try to set up too many goals at the same time. Can you suggest other ways of building consistency in completing your goals?

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