Why do some people struggle to land a new job?

You understand that it is hard to land a new job. Some people seem to struggle more than others.

What makes it easy for some people to land a new job?

Let me give you a list of some things that make it easier. Some will be obvious. Others, not so much.

A great value-driven resume

I've seen a lot of resumes in my lifetime and wrote thousands of resumes in my many years of resume writing. However, a resume written in 2019 by me is significantly different than one I wrote years ago. So is the marketplace.

Today's resume has to be story-driven. The resume should never be just a job description recap. It needs to catch the attention of readers who are used to attention-grabbing web headlines.

A well-written LinkedIn profile is critical to help you land a new job

I still find people who are not on LinkedIn or who have marginalized LinkedIn profiles.

Many people don't realize there are experts who write LinkedIn profiles daily. I coach people daily while I am writing their profiles so that their profile is attention-getting and they use strategies to showcase their knowledge.

Use the hidden job market

Successful job seekers use the hidden job market to land jobs

Are you just applying online? You can be waiting forever to be hired.

Many online jobs are posted just to meet federal or state regulations but the job is filled.

How do I know?

I work with executives who hire every day. In my unofficial survey this year they confirmed that they often have an internal candidate or an external referral selected but they have to post because it is the law or it is company policy to post jobs.

How do you make the cut?

You leverage your:

  • LinkedIn connections who know someone in the company
  • Alumni association members
  • Community group members
  • Former classmates
  • Chamber of commerce members
  • Church friends
  • Neighbors

You don't have to do job search alone.

5 more things successful job seekers do to land a new job

  1. Write networking cover letters to let your network know you are looking
  2. Use the phone to follow up. Don't be afraid, all the hiring manager can say is no.
  3. Instead, collect "nos." I challenge my clients to collect 100 "nos." This means actually following up and having someone say no after getting a rejection letter from an automatic responder.
  4. Use your references as part of the network. Send your resume to everyone in your reference list.
  5. Say thank you to everyone you contact in their job search.

You want to be a winner and land a new job. Look over this list and check out some of my winners here.

If you need a guide in your career journey, learn more.

Why do some people struggle to land a new job?

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