Why I still value Facebook for job search

Why I still value Facebook for job search

How should a job seeker value Facebook?

There are people who are very uncomfortable with the whole concept of networking. Perhaps they could be described as introverted or perhaps networking just plain scares them.

Though building connections on LinkedIn can lead to potential job connections, it is harder to converse on LinkedIn. On Facebook though, there are conversations going back and forth all the time. The Facebook stream lets you see those conversations and join in.

There are cautions with all social media networks and Facebook is certainly one of those that you need to think about before you post the wrong photo but it still has value.

Take the conversation to real life

I have taken many a Facebook conversation to a phone call or to the in-person meeting. The photo sharing options on Facebook create a place to share photos with people who know me from other places.

Using Facebook with people from my church, my neighborhood and the career community, there have been many opportunities to grow a friendship to a higher level than you would if you only limited yourself to in-person or phone conversations.

Sharing the Career Search Success YAY!

I love using Facebook for sharing the “YAYs” from my Design Resumes clients, like this one I shared on Sunday on the Design Resumes page:

Time for the YAY – Nonprofit executive is hired! He says: “I truly appreciate your efforts, advice, referrals and support during this job search process. You have consistently went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with my résumé, cover letters, and online profiles. Thank you for everything! I could not have done it without Design Resumes.” Make my day!

You certainly cannot be everywhere and if you are spending all your time on Facebook trying to develop connections or fans, you will probably lose out compared to time on other platforms but if you are using it as one more quiver in your arsenal of job search tools, I think you might find that it helps you grow your network.

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