Why is one person's job search successful and another's not?

8231156853_7ae868f62c_n Why is one person's job search successful and another's not?What makes one person’s job search successful and another person’s not successful?

This is such a tough question.

  • Is it the Resume?

As a professional resume writer, you would think I would say it is the resume. But it’s not always the resume. Two people can work with the same professional and one will land rapidly and the other will not.

  • Is it the Occupation?

Sometimes the occupation can have something to do with it because there are some occupations that are much easier to land than others. But at the same time, I have worked with people in fields that land easily and others that don’t.

  • Is it the Geographic Location?

Throughout the recession, there were pockets of high employment or new employment. It could be possible that one area of the country is more likely to create opportunities than others. But I have seen people land new jobs even in areas that are struggling more than other areas.

  • Is it the Network?

Networking will always make job search easier but some of my successful clients have landed just by applying online. Others have effectively worked a network and landed and still others have not been able to land even with the support of an effective network.

  • Is it Interviewing Skills?

Some people naturally interview better than others. Others prepare for interviews better and then do better. And still others interview well but don’t win the job.

  • Is it the Followup?

Job seekers who followup throughout the job search have been proven to land quicker than others. Thank you letters written like proposals illustrate the value you will bring. Checking back to let people know you are interested makes a good impression as long as you are strategic in the followup and not a pest.

  • Is is the Attitude?

Sometimes Attitude is key to success in the job search. People who exude negativity or attitude are generally last to be hired and first to be fired. What does that mean? Should you work on your attitude first? Well, yes, I think that you should first examine your attitude and make sure that you aren’t putting out negativity in real life or online.

But I think you should look at all of the above factors and work to make sure that you do your best on those that you can control and focus on those. If years in career marketing has taught me anything, it is that there are many variables but those who prepare and have a can-do attitude generally win out over those who don’t.  Use innovative job search strategies and target your job search to winnable positions, network your way in with the most value-infused resume you can develop, and blow away the competition with interview preparation and follow-up.

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