Why negative thinking gets negative results

At our house, I often say, “negative thinking gets negative results.” I say it often when my husband is watching Packer games. He will call the game lost when the other team gets ahead.

The problem is that there could be 3 quarters left when he declares the game lost. Plus, of course the players can’t hear him anyway. I had to say that again yesterday when the Packers played the Cowboys.

If you watched the game, there were many “heart attack” moments when the game could easily go one way or the other, down to the last seconds when the Packers finally won.

How I impact my business with negative thinking

While my husband can’t impact the game with negative thinking, you and I impact our own endeavors by practicing negative thinking. My marketing coach told me years ago that if I start thinking I can’t, I won’t.

I would look at the month’s revenue and panic. He would say, “Julie, what does the calendar say?” I would tell him the date. He would then remind me that we had agreed not to look at the month in the month. Meaning if it was the 8th or 15th or even the 26th, there is no reason to let negative thinking take over.

When you do that, it impacts everything you do. As a small business person, you can’t write compelling marketing content, you show it when talking to prospective clients, you stall on new initiatives. In other words, you will get negative results because you are impacting your actions.

How does negative thinking impact your job search?

Job search is one of the toughest things anyone will do. You don’t know the result and you have to rely on other people to get you to the win. Depending on the level of your career, it can take a long time to win. But if you give up, you are giving in to negative thinking.

  • Think positively as you create a dynamic resume showcasing your value.
  • Don’t let negative thinking get in the way as you start writing your LinkedIn profile
  • Ignore the black hole talk and get your resume in the hands of decision makers and hiring managers.
  • Stop thinking all this new-fangled networking stuff will never work.
  • Even when you get a rejection, send a thank you for the “no”

Job search is tough and I know my clients often battle fear as they look for the next opportunity. But they keep going. You need to keep going too. Don’t let negative thinking take over. One of the benefits of my career marketing service is the live sessions that let us talk through those fears as we are working on your resume or writing LinkedIn or completing other job search projects.

I personalize everything I do with clients so that their job search gets the individualized attention that they need. Let me help you win!

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