Why should you be passionate about your career?

Why should you be passionate about your career?Why should you be passionate about your career?

For those of you that don’t have any passion whatsoever for your career or job, you wonder, “Why should you be passionate about your career?” You see a job as a necessary evil and find yourself counting the days until retirement. You love the weekends and dread Mondays. You want more weeks of vacation than you have because you hate your job so much.

For those of you who are already passionate about your career, you wonder why anyone would ask, “Why should you be passionate about your career?” For you, getting up is a joy. You know that you are in the right place and you are ready to get the day going! You know that your work matters and you help others with your work. The field is not so relevant. We think of helping professions as teachers or nurses but engineers, contractors, and information technology experts are just as likely to help people with their work. It is all in how you perceive work.

Passion resonates throughout your work

When a person is passionate about their career, it resonates in everything they do. They share the excitement with their customers, coworkers, and managers. They are likely to be the first people to be promoted. Why? Their passion about their work gets them noticed. It is not a fake passion, such as the cheerleader personality where everything is greeted with a “You Rah-Rah” kind of response but those people who are passionate about their career show their joy in whatever they do.

I find that people who are passionate about their career usually result in easy resumes to write. Not that their careers and career stories aren’t complex, but their enthusiasm and joy in their career creates memorable stories. A client recently shared that she is passionately curious about many things. As we are crafting her career marketing plan, I am excited to find out what path she will take next.

Conversely, the person who hates their job and their career often struggles to come up with more than a list of duties. When people who are normally passionate about their career see their passion start to dim, they will generally look for a new role. They want to feel that joy again. I use a wide range of tools to help my clients find their passion and land the job that will allow that passion to blossom.

I can help you become passionate again or if you have never been passionate about your career, if you really want that passion, I can help you find a new career path or job that fits you better and fills you with passion. Learn more here.

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