Why you should use color on your resume

Color on your resume is still in 2018 a common question.

At one point, a client shared an article on yahoo cited points of what not to do on resumes and of course, there was a discussion of color on your resume:

5. A fancy design. Here’s what most hiring managers think when we see a resume with unusual design or use of color: Does this candidate think that their skills and achievements won’t speak for themselves? Do they not understand what employers are looking for? Do they put an inappropriate emphasis on appearances over substance? (The obvious exception to this rule is if you’re applying for design jobs.)

Who did they ask about color on your resume?

I always love the “most hiring managers” kinds of statements. Is that a scientific survey? Did they ask 1000 hiring managers and 998 said that or did they ask two hiring managers who just are stuck in the 1980s versions of resumes? You can skew any statistical support by asking the wrong sample. In addition, you can use one comment to make up your opinion.

Here’s a fact. Design Resumes has been using color on resumes since 2003. Clients love color on their resumes. Moreover, hiring managers have loved color on their resumes. How do I know? Hiring managers who hired my clients have told me. In addition, my clients regularly send me updates on their success stories.

Recent comment – Note, there was color on her resume:

I just wanted to let you know I accepted a position.  I know I already thanked you once, but I want to do it once again.  Thank you!  Helping me redesign my resume and cover letter allowed me to get the looks I needed to get interviews.  I will recommend you to anyone on the job search!


I was able to send my resume to a lot of great companies like Syngenta and Pioneer seed in Hawaii and was able to get interviews.   Best of all, I got an opportunity to apply for the parks supervisor with the city of Beverly Hills California.
They were so impressed with my resume and application they invited me to interview for the opening. With more than 300 applications from all over the United States I came out to be their number one candidate.


Julie – just wanted to thank you again for all the work you did with me. I love, love, LOVE my new job.

Perfect fit for me. Almost like the job was tailored around my resume!

Will adding color to your resume get you hired?

No, but neither will leaving it off. Your resume needs to be written with clear accomplishments that prove your value in the position you want to the hiring manager. Will some hiring managers not like color? Sure, but some hiring managers won’t like something no matter what you do. If you create a résumé that resonates with quantifiable and qualifiable results, you will get read and noticed.

By the way, after I answered my client’s question on Facebook message and responded to the 10 points in the article, he said: “OK thanks, just thought I would check with you. I trust your word over yahoo’s any day!”

I am not alone in the use of color on resumes. Resume writers all over the world have used color successfully for their clients for years. Have a question about resumes and job search? Ask me!

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