Why Your Job Search is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

In the time I worked with job seekers, many asked me why their job search is missing the mark or not delivering results.

Your job search is missing the mark?

For me, the key to a successful job search is a complex, multi-faceted answer that requires individualized strategies and solutions.

It is also why I built the Design Resumes job search strategy to better understand the specific needs of each job seeker. For me, I need to interact with my clients throughout the process to ensure that each part of their job search strategy is specifically designed for them.

When I first started writing resumes, my clients came to the office (always home-based) and I wrote while I interviewed them. I not only learned their resume stories but I learned their challenges, fears, and what they loved. I still use this same process today only I now work with clients located throughout the United States, in Europe, and other parts of the globe.

Did job search change?

Job search continually changes. Within the last 10+ years, LinkedIn has grown and scaled to be a key component of job search. Not as a job board though it lists 20M jobs and certainly there are people who have found jobs through LinkedIn postings, the true value of LinkedIn is the ability to connect with others in the same field, identify who works for companies you want to work for, and build lifelong networks.

When I first started writing resumes, there was no LinkedIn. LinkedIn went live on May 5th, 2003 which will make it 18 years old this May 5th. You can read the history through 2014 here. James Potter known as the LinkedIn Man wrote this history. LinkedIn continues to evolve. Many of us watch the evolution and wonder what will happen next. I keep my eye on those who are talking about best practices using LinkedIn so that I can convey those ideas to my clients. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 for more than $26B. If Microsoft thought it was worthy of that scale of an investment, you can bet that it will continue to be a key player in job search for years to come.

All of my packages have both the resume and LinkedIn included because I find them both to be critical to a successful job search.

LinkedIn is one key addition to a successful job search.

The Design Resumes difference

Here at Design Resumes, I continually evaluate what is going on in the job search field and what is critical to be successful. Over the years, I have created a team and product approach to ensure that each job search gets the tools they need to win their next role. The packages change as I see needs for additional resources, products, or services.

It is also why I personally write each resume and LinkedIn profile collaboratively with my clients. When I say my process is interactive, I often have to explain this to future clients. Literally, the client and I write the materials together. I lead the writing process but without the participation of the client, there would be no resume. I schedule three client meetings via Zoom Monday through Friday as well as two appointments on Saturdays. I don’t work with clients on Sundays.

I strategize how to help the client with his or her unique challenges and career path. Someone asked me last week how many hours I work. I would estimate 10-12 up to 15 hours daily with fewer on Saturdays and Sundays. She gasped when I said that. I love what I do.

Should I blame my job search issues on the pandemic?

I spoke with a technology leader on Saturday who said he had been out of work for a year. He said he hadn’t really tried to look much because with the pandemic who was hiring? A quick check of my client-reported success stories revealed 15 job wins mainly for executive job seekers from late February to the end of December 2020. Additionally, 11 have been reported since January 1, again mainly executive roles.

At this time, this particular person is in a crunch mode to get his resume and LinkedIn completed.

If your job search is missing the mark, let’s talk

We all have reasons that we don’t move forward. My job is to cut through the perceptions and identify a clear path to future success for the job seeker who thinks the road is blocked.

Are you making assumptions that there are no jobs, you can’t find one, no one will hire you, or the economic forces are blocking your success? I work with the job seeker to help them overcome the roadblocks and provide tools to help them become job winners.

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Why Your Job Search is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

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