How to boost job search success

How do you boost job search success? What’s the secret formula? Why do some job seekers succeed and others fail?

If you never hired a resume writer in the past, you may not know how resume writers differ.

How do I boost your job search success?

My process. I write live.

What does that mean? If you hire me to write your resume, you commit to an interactive process where we meet online using screen sharing tools found in Zoom technologies.

My process was built by working with people directly and writing while they provide information and explain their story. Today resumes are more complex and need more specifics and focus.

I thrive on client interaction throughout the process. It keeps both of us accountable and delivers a very customized product that resonates with your value and unique selling point.

I create your resume in an interview-like sessions beginning with my unique Project Roadmap, a spreadsheet completed using a show-and-tell process of looking at client resumes.

This builds an understanding of the strategies behind resume writing. We capture the plan in the project roadmap and start designing the resume, adding content after the design is nailed. No two documents are alike.

Individuals who work with me have one thing in common. They are dedicated to working together on their project. They recognize everything worth doing requires commitment and investment of time, money, and resources. This includes job search. Typical clients invest 8 to 20 hours into their projects depending on the package and services selected.

What are the job search success results?

Job search success or “Yay” Stories are what drive me to continue to write resumes and help job seekers. I am thrilled when a client calls or emails their Yay Story.

They did it! They are hired! Their search was successful!

  • Senior Consultant, Data Scientist hired by a premier consulting firm after enhancing his background with a new resume and new certification in Data Science.
  • A Senior Project Manager (Information Technology) who is now on contract with one of the largest utility companies in the country.
  • A Therapist working for a premier substance abuse clinic whose clientele is the rich and famous.
  • An Analyst – Department of Surgery with a world leader in health care and is known for innovative medicine, advanced technology and compassionate care.
  • President of her company, though this client was seeking elsewhere, she received a promotion to position of the President just as she was about to accept another offer.
  • Assistant Manager of the Special Investigations Unit (anti-fraud) for a major health insurance company.
  • VP of Training and Field Development in a Direct Sales Company.
  • Major Gifts Officer for an observatory.

Each of these clients dedicated time to create their resume and think through the process. Their enhanced LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn marketing strategy attracted more people to their profiles and more opportunities.

Need help? Hire me to take the pain out of writing your resume and make it fun. We work together to discover those forgotten contributions and position you to win your next role. Learn more here.

How to boost job search success

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