Will your resume make the cut?

Will my resume make the cut?The cut? Will my resume make the cut? Job seekers wonder if their resume will make it through the system and get them the interview.

Where do I begin to answer that question?

Getting your resume through the online system is just one part of job search. First of all, not every job is posted on a job board. Furthermore, not every job is posted on a company website. Sometimes you need to know there will be a job posted online so you send your resume before they pull it down.

Sometimes you are the perfect candidate but you have to let someone know that you are there. Job seekers are so reluctant to make phone calls and track down the people with the power to hire them even when their resume is excellent.

Will I make the cut?

Executives and professionals have the same fears as entry-level job seekers. While those people seeking executive, director, or manager roles are more likely to hire someone to write their resume, even with the best resume possible, they are afraid of not making the cut. They are afraid of not getting the interview. They are afraid of age discrimination. They are afraid they don’t measure up and when they don’t get a phone call, they assume that they did not make the cut.

What should you do?

You should make sure your resume does measure up to today’s standards. You should take your resume to the next level with riveting stories that capture the value you offer to the employer.

Once you are sure that your resume isn’t mind-numbing or boring, take the next step. Your resume should be an intriguing document that will galvanize the reader and inspire a hiring manager to call. Take it one step further. Submit the resume but then proactively research the right contacts to engage with an email explaining your value to the organization.

The astonishing revelation about job search

This person can be the hiring manager or it could be his or her boss. The person wants to make sure the company goals are met. Convince this person that by hiring you, those goals will be met. You have as much value to the company as the job will mean to you. You don’t get hired because someone wants to pay your mortgage or make sure you eat. You get hired because of the value you offer the company.

Too many people get hung up on the online applications and don’t put as much effort in taking their job search to the next level. Do you need a captivating resume to sell you? Yes, but you need to be the rare job seeker who invests in his or her job search by connecting with decision makers.

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