Will you miss the next career opportunity?

Will you miss the next career opportunity?No one wants to miss the next career opportunity but I can tell you that many people do just that. They aren’t ready.

A lovely lady contacted me last week. We had talked in 2014 but she chose not to work with me then. She remembered me and one of her friends who did work with me in 2014 recommended that she call me again.

We connected on LinkedIn and Facebook in 2014 because she made a lasting impression with me even though she didn’t hire me. When she called this time, she had a great executive level opportunity with a prestigious organization. I was excited to help her land this role.

She was ready to hire me and then she reminded me the deadline was Monday. I knew then that it would be almost impossible for me to be her resume writer.

It was already mid-week. My schedule was full for the week and my live, consultative process takes time. I looked at my calendar again and figured out how to get her on my schedule for enough appointments to get the job done.

For most of my clients, this would have worked. But she was still working and could only meet at night. I had no night openings left. At that point, I had to tell her no. We both were sad.

She asked for referrals to other resume writers who don’t use my live writing style. I explained that the top resumes writers often book far in advance no matter what business model they use. Just in case, I gave her two names with phone numbers and let my resume writing colleagues know she might call. Both emailed me back to say they couldn’t meet the deadline either.

How do you prepare for the next career opportunity?

Recognize quality takes time. I work live and sometimes that means I can get you in several days in a row to get your resume written. But I am also often booked two weeks in advance. My consultative resume writing sessions work best when you are focused so that you tell me great stories.

I am working with a Major Account Executive in the technology industry. He wants to move on but he is not going to rush the project. His resume stories are excellent. Not only can he tell the stories well, he wrote down multiple resume stories in my worksheet. I don’t make worksheets mandatory but they are one of the tools I use to let you capture your stories on your own time.

When people work with me, I give them all the tools and advice they need to succeed in winning that next career opportunity.

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