How to win your outstanding new job in 2017

How to win your outstanding new job in 2017You don’t want a run of the mill job, you want an outstanding new job in 2017, don’t you? I’m here to tell you two things.

  1. You certainly can have an outstanding new job in 2017
  2. It isn’t going to come easily for 99% of those who want one.

Multiple clients won an outstanding new job in 2016

  1. Executive Vice President – Apparel Industry
  2. Head of Global Sourcing – Retail
  3. Vice President of Sales – IT Software
  4. President of U.S. Sales – Direct Sales
  5. Business Development Manager – Manufacturing
  6. Director of Employee Training & Development – State Government HR
  7. Addiction Counselor – Mental Health
  8. Managing Director – IT Systems – Healthcare Vertical
  9. Director of Business Development – Defense & Space
  10. Front Office Manager – Hospitality
  11. Treasury Management Operations – Banking
  12. Director of Facilities – Automotive
  13. Vice President Business Development – Transportation
  14. Director of IT – County Government
  15. State & Federal Reporting Compliance – IT Software
  16. Director Strategy & Planning – IT
  17. Director of Client Services – Pharmaceutical
  18. Project Manager – Financial Services

What happens when you commit to winning

Ask a football player, what happens on the field is important but just as important is preparation (for them practice) and mindset. You need to the same to land an outstanding new job. Go in ready with the right mindset.

People who work with me understand investment. They are willing to invest to cut their job search shorter, land sooner, and land better. My 2017 packages are now ready for the big reveal: Select Resume Package 2017.

People who work with me also understand commitment.

My interactive and collaborative process isn’t for everyone. The person who hires me gets my full attention in 7 to 28 sessions. But they need to commit their time to focus on their project both with me and between sessions. I don’t give a lot of homework but there is some.

I do ask for their full attention during sessions. My live process requires a commitment to being able to listen and visually see. You focus on the screen as we write together. Writing is work and I do most of the heavy lifting but I need the client to be ready with the stories that I translate into resume speak.

You don’t have to know everything about job search to work with me. Your sessions offer plenty of time for us to discuss those pesky questions that bug you. We dispel rumors and myths stall your job search. You get a lot out of me and I expect you to be fully invested in the process.

What do you think? Ready to find your next role? Are you ready to be one of my winners?

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