Why you are your worst enemy in your job search

Trust me when I say many job seekers are their own worst enemy. Negative-speak is so common that it infiltrates every aspect of our lives, especially a job search.

Why do I say you are your worst enemy in a job search?

Fears take over. You think you will never find a new job. As you doubt yourself, you become your worst enemy.

  • Is the field overcrowded?
  • Are companies hiring?
  • What if my resume isn’t strong enough?
  • Will my past company give me a bad reference?

How do you focus on what matters with all those questions?

No matter how hard it seems at the time, there is an end to job search.

Is the field overcrowded?

This obvious fear is that there is no room for you. This could be a problem if you are geographically bound and your field has no remote opportunities. But before you throw in the towel, examine the options and make sure you are cutting-edge in your field.

Are companies hiring?

In today’s economy, this isn’t a problem. However, if you think back to 2007-2014, depending on the field and where you are located, it was a huge deal. Today, if you are marketable and visible, there are many opportunities.

What if my resume isn’t strong enough?

This is a common problem. The gift of resume writing isn’t everyone’s talent. In addition, many people don’t want to research to craft a value-driven, well-written resume. In this case, you could find your resume isn’t strong enough to make the cut.

The solution is to become educated on what hiring managers seek and develop a resume strategy for your field in response to the need.

Will my past company give me a bad reference?

Reputable companies know that by law they can say very little about a previous employee. If concerned a specific employee may be inclined to speak badly of you, choose references attesting to your character and work skills. With a specific reference plan developed, you can provide those names and contact information if needed.

Stop being your worst enemy

If you can eliminate the pull of fear on your job search, you will stop being your own worst enemy. If you would like help to create a job search strategy and the tools (resume, LinkedIn, cover letters) to make you successful, read more here.

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