Wrong job search advice = wrong results

Yesterday was one of those days. Someone I knew made a comment about his job search on Facebook and someone else chimed in with totally wrong advice. This is time it was the old ONE page resume myth.

Career professionals hate seeing wrong job search advice

As a career pro, it is so hard to see that. When I comment on Facebook or another social network, I am speaking as a career expert but the people in the stream probably don’t know that. If they do, they may see it as an attempt to drum up business rather than an attempt to set the record straight and help job seekers land.

This week, I spoke to a group of AmeriCorps members on Tuesday on Resumes, job search, and career marketing strategies and then another group at Rasmussen College’s Lunch N’ Learn event on Diversity in the Workplace, specifically age-related diversity and how to work together.

At Rasmussen, there were only a few seats left in the room. I had been told to expect 10 to 12 but ended up with 40+. Though they wanted to know about age-related diversity, what they really wanted to know was resume and job search strategy from an expert!

Again, everyone in the room had been given misinformation and was hungry for clarification. Reading blogs like this one and knowing the best in the business can help you through the maze of confusion.

Use cutting edge solutions not trivialized dribble

Job seekers need to use cutting edge solutions not trivialized dribble that is being passed on through conversation or worse taught on college campuses using 20 year old English books. Everyone’s brother-in-law thinks he is a career pro. If he is, great! But don’t take his advice if he isn’t.

I will continue to speak, write, and teach job seekers but if you are one of the job seekers, think about whose advice you are following. And if you are trying to help job seekers, make sure your advice is 2012 advice, not 1980, 1990, or even 2000.

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  1. Colten Isai on May 18, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Its a great post with the great tips of avoiding wrong job search advice and getting right job search advice. This article is also very helpful for job seekers.

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