You make the choice for your future

When you face difficulty like a job loss or changing your job because the situation has become intolerable, you make the choice. You may feel like you have no choices. It feels like there are no options, but even then you make a choice. You make a choice not to look for options.

I laughed recently when a client of mine said she shared my name with people at work who will lose their jobs next April.

They were very interested in working with me until they heard it cost money.

Then they said they thought they had a “pretty good” resume. The thought of investing in career marketing (resume writing) made them change their mind.

The Pros and Cons of investing into career marketing services

Let’s talk about that. If you want a new position but are afraid to invest into the process, perhaps you really haven’t thought it through. Let me help you.


  1. Hire an expert, someone like me, who understands what is critical in a professional resume and how to market you and where to market you.
  2. Invest in learning cutting edge job search strategies to cut your job search short. Did you know that for every $10,000 you want in annual salary, the typical job seeker spends one month of job search? For $100,000 in salary, this equates to 10 months in job search time.
  3. Hire someone who understands the feelings and emotions that accompany job loss and job change. In the process, you have someone who truly gets it and can help you over the hurdles. Your family and friends may share your fears but they are affected by the loss too. Hiring an expert who understands but provides clear, objective feedback helps you talk through the challenges and find alternatives.


  1. It costs money.

There you have it. Most people who don’t want to hire a career professional (resume writer, career coach, career marketing expert) don’t want to for only one reason. It costs money.

I won’t go into how wrong that idea is because I lived it. I made choices my whole life that excluded experts. However, I find hiring experts who can help me learn things I don’t know and teach me better ways to do things saves me money.

It took me a lifetime. Don’t miss out on your new career by making the same mistake.

Get the idea? Start hurdling over your career search obstacles and if you don’t know how, hire me. Julie Walraven can help you achieve results through using a personalized job search and resume writing  strategy to take the mystery out of the process. To find out how, simply click here!

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