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What everyone should know about writing an exceptional cover letter!

One of the reasons I include cover letters in all of Design Resumes options, packages, and bundles is that in most cases, the job seeker should have a cover letter and in most cases, they make it harder than it really is to write one.

The top 5 ingredients for a successful cover letter:

  1. Target your cover letter to a specific position.
  2. Get out the job description to write a cover letter that resonates with the job you are applying because you are reflecting what they are looking for in your cover letter.
    You need to sound like you can do the job to sell yourself.
  3. Research who the cover letter should be written to, not just dear HR. This is the hard part. It is so easy to just generically sent it to HR or Hiring Manager but this should be personalized whenever possible.
  4. Integrate accomplishments into your cover letter that match the job description.
  5. Ask for the interview in the cover letter. And if you are assertive, you will mention that you will follow up in 7 to 10 days to see when you can schedule an interview.

Get the idea? Stay tuned for more job search strategies that will make you the one they want!

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