Confusion: What is the 2019 professional resume?

Are you confused about what the 2019 professional resume should look like? When you check out articles of what a resume is online, you get differing answers.

Your 2019 Professional Resume tells your story

Regular readers know I preach this constantly but homegrown resumes I see tell me the message is not heard.

Telling your resume story means different things to different people.

2019 professional resume of a Full Stack Developer

For example, if you are a Full Stack Developer, there are obviously skills and keywords you need in software development.

You will need to share that you know JavaScript, PHP, and C#, HTML and CSS. Hiring managers want to know that you know, Node, SharePoint, and Entity Framework. They care you understand Front-end frameworks like VueJS and AngularJS. Employers certainly want to know you have command of multiple versions of SQL Service.

They love to know you understand SQL’s related integration, reporting, and analysis services (SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS). If you have the desirable skills of Amazon web services like EC2, Route 53, elastic beanstalk, cloudfront, and S3, you become even more valuable. But adding keywords doesn’t show your value

The employer wants to know what you did, not just the job description.

Too often, the job seeker doesn’t write the resume to tell what he does but just the job description. In a recent resume, we described the work the Full Stack Developer did in two projects and linked to websites that illustrate his skills.

The employer would love to hear you improved the responsiveness of the application. If you also say it lead to 65% more website traffic and rave reviews from users because of the ease of use, so much the better.

You could tell you use surveys. However, when you tell the resume story in your 2019 professional resume, it is much better if you say:

  • Streamlined and improved survey process migrating in-house custom solutions to tools such as SurveyGizmo (a SAAS product) and HubSpot CRM to improve data collection and with potential of doubling revenue by 2019.

Business Transformation is huge in 2019 (and Digital Transformation and IT Transformation)

Companies are asking if you know database management but they want to know that you can put a new system in place and make it work.

  • Migrated data and database structure from legacy MS Access system to MS SQL Server including creation of new relational database structure and user interfaces.

Running a company leaner and implementing emerging technologies are critical but the employer wants to know how you did it.

As you read this post, I hope you see the difference of a true resume story tied to results.

If you write your 2019 professional resume with an eye on stories and results, you produce a more powerful resume that resonates with your readers. Better yet, you will land much more quickly. Learn more here.

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