3 reasons why spelling matters on LinkedIn

Spelling matters on LinkedInLet me tell you why spelling matters on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become integral to the hiring process in this digital age. Despite the easy access to the platform, many people are still in the dark about the best way to represent yourself on LinkedIn.

Many people have a LinkedIn profile but either it is barely completed or it doesn’t represent them well. Like resumes, there are just as many ways to create a bad LinkedIn profile as a good one.

Let’s look at some reasons why spelling matters on LinkedIn:

  1. Spell check your profile content. LinkedIn is a global platform that can be accessed by virtually anyone. Spelling matters on LinkedIn because hiring managers and recruiters search by keywords. If you misspell the keywords for your industry, you decrease the possibility of being found for those skills or expertise. It goes beyond the skills area. Ideally, your profile should be infused with the right keywords throughout your experience, summary, education, certifications, and other sections. Make sure to spell check.
  2. Spell check your headline. One profile I see in my People you may know suggestions has Chief spelled Cheif for Chief Operations Officer. Impressive title but not so much if it is spelled incorrectly not to mention if recruiters are searching for a Chief Operations Officer, a profile will a misspelling will not show up in the results.
  3. Spell check any recommendations you give. I was reading a LinkedIn recommendation today for someone and the word experience was spelled expereince. When you are the one giving the recommendation, you want your recipient to use it. If you get a recommendation from someone with misspellings in it, you have the choice of not using it (rude), asking the person to correct it (awkward), or posting it with the errors (bad).

Can you see why I suggest that you check your LinkedIn profile for errors and why spelling matters on LinkedIn?

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