3 ways Design Resumes evolved in 2017 to better serve job seekers

How has Design Resumes evolved in the past year?

No business should be stagnant

As I contemplate what will be different in 2018, I look back on the last year and the conversations with clients.

Design Resumes evolved throughout its existence to better meet the changing demand of the workforce, technology, and job search.

The words that come to mind are:


✓ Stand out

✓ Authentic


In evaluating what has changed, I understand where I need to go for the future. All of the three words speak to my business but also speak to the needs of my clients. In an ever busy and congested world, job seekers need to differentiate, stand out, and be authentic.

Coaching to Differentiate

Since I deliver services in one-on-one sessions with job seekers, I have a better understanding of their specific needs and desires. Too often job seekers are lost in the crowd. In our sessions, we talk about what makes them different and show them specific ways to differentiate themselves from the mob.

I coach my clients to find connections who can help them move forward in their job search.

While the ATS systems are not going away, I coach to help the job seeker understand that applying online only will lead to a very long job search even with quality resumes. I coach to help them recognize people who are connected to the companies with jobs they want.

Teaching how to stand out

Together clients and I write content for their resume and LinkedIn to captures accomplishments that make them distinctive. People like to hide in the crowd. Hiring managers are looking for the people who have the skills to solve the company’s problems, exceed their revenue goals, and create innovative products and solutions to take them to the next level.

Applying online is easy (well, not always easy but it is the easy way out.) It is easy to complain that no one responded to your application. However, it is harder to make networking connections and to make phone calls to get your resume noticed.

In our LinkedIn training sessions, we work together to teach on best practices for sharing content on LinkedIn. For many of my clients, the concept of social media marketing or content marketing is new to them. I share step-by-step LinkedIn strategies to gain visibility for your brand and value proposition.

For those of us who have used social media for 10 or more years, it becomes second nature. In addition, for someone like myself who has studied social media marketing and put it into action, we may think that in 2018 everyone understands. When you use social media properly, you will be seen and even searched out.

How to be authentic

There was a battle cry for being authentic a few years back. However, I didn’t see many people step up to the plate. In my sessions with clients, I strive to acknowledge their differences and capture what makes them authentic.

If I am being authentic, I acknowledge choices I made and will make in my life are tied to being a Christian. More so, those choices are tied to my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and my continuing struggle to make God-centered choices.

Faith is something often ridiculed and buried in our world today. As I share how Design Resumes evolved, I feel a need to acknowledge that what makes me able to help others is that faith. As we speak, I often share my faith when I find a client is open to hearing more or already shares a similar faith.

Design Resumes evolved to be a personalized solution

As we speak in our one-on-one sessions, I get to know the people who hire me well and they in turn get to know me.

They share more than their job search concerns because a job seeker is always more than someone looking for a job. I learn the challenges they face with their family, their children, husband or wife. We talk about tough things, work problems, health issues and even addictions.

Sometimes to be able to find that job, the client has to recognize what is holding them back. It may be that they are not authentic and are struggling with how to position themselves for the job they really want.

As you look at your plan for 2018, how will you evolve? How will you differentiate? Stand out? Be Authentic? The world needs more people who are willing to share who they are. If you are ready for the next step in your career and life, learn more here.

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