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About Julie

Why do you procrastinate important things?

business-woman-1024x683 Why do you procrastinate important things?

People procrastinate important things every day: Tax Preparation Christmas Shopping Headshots Resumes LinkedIn profiles I procrastinate important things too Many people struggle with getting a professional photo taken. In today’s world, you need one for LinkedIn as well as other web media. As an entrepreneur, if you have a website, your photo should be professional.…

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How do I work with YOU?

Often people are curious to know what it is like to work with me. My business model is different than most resume writers. My collaborative, personalized, strategic methodology is what sets me apart. Consider it a coaching resume writer who is there to help you win your next role as a partner in your job…

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Slow down – you move too fast

This year for Christmas (yes, I will always say Merry Christmas), I am working on consciously moving slower. We move too fast almost all the time. This year starting with the Christmas tree, I was deliberately slow. I documented it on Facebook. I took a photo of the empty tree. Two days later, I took…

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