When I’m 64

So I’ve heard this song many times. But as I was telling a 34-year-old client that I am taking July 1 off for my birthday, I asked if she was familiar with the song “When I’m 64?” She didn’t think so.

Well, I am 64 or will be by the time I publish this.

Seems weird. The song by the Beatles was released on June 1, 1967 and the composer lyricists are John Lennon and Paul McCartney with the Producer George Marten.

When Im 64

Thinking backward on my life, I doubt that I could have predicted half of the things that have happened. The smartest move I ever made in my life was when I was 53 1/2 when I realized I could keep stumbling along being unfulfilled or I could make a move and seriously turn Design Resumes into a marketable business.

I’ve done so much “I wish I had” thinking but in reality, the alignment of my career reinvention aligned perfectly with the growth of technology. Today, I work via Zoom meetings with three clients daily to help them identify their talents, start their career journey, and land new roles.

Could you hear yourself saying when Im 64?

Don’t wait. If it was OK that I waited until 2009 because technology wasn’t ready for my business model, it is now. As I coach clients, I ask them what dreams they are putting on hold. The answer is that if it can be done today, don’t wait.

Life is incredibly hard in 2020. I could not have predicted the mess our world is in currently. Last year, we were sailing along. Designresumes.com had a record year. And then…

You can’t predict the storms that will take over your life, you just have to keep moving forward.

I am 64 but I have no plans to stop.

I wrote this on social media this last week:

Sometimes people ask if I am still in business. I find that a funny question since my website clearly should tell them that but since I get the question, let me answer it.

I have no plans to retire – unless I lose my brain. As long as my skills remain and I can continue to evolve with new technology and strategy, I will run my business.

During the month of June, I had 67 appointments with 21 new and returning clients in the fields of pharmaceutical sales, project management, marketing, healthcare, systems, sales, technology, finance, military, oil & energy, education, equine sales, global sports marketing, luxury brands, drug safety, compliance, medical sales, and human resource technology sales.

Many have been VP or higher. All have been engaged in starting a new career journey with me as their guide.

Am I still in business? Oh Yes!

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When I\'m 64

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