My 3 Words for 2019

I haven’t participated in My 3 Words for a few years but having seen a resurgence in articles written by several of my favorite people this year, I am ready to give it a go again officially with a blog post here.

For anyone not familiar, Chris Brogan started the practice of three words in 2006. He shares this fact in his 2019 3 Words.

I didn’t know Chris then but somewhere around 2009 when I was doing extensive investigative research into marketing and social media marketing in particular, I came across Chris Brogan and started following him. I also started writing my own three words but stopped. You can find my 2014 words here.

When Jacqui Barrett Poindexter, Master Resume Writer and owner of Career Trend shared her latest My Three Words for 2019 on LinkedIn, I did comment with a brief version of my own.

My 3 Words for 2019 Comment

This is the comment I posted after she shared her article on LinkedIn:

Jacqui, I love your words. FAITH is always and would continue to be a high priority for me too. After changing churches to a Bible preaching, deep diving into Scripture church, it also made me choose to make daily Bible reading a practice (using, connecting with more believers, and strengthening my prayer life.

The second would be FOCUS since there are so many distractions and I find that I have wandered from my writing in the past partially due to the rebuild this year of my website.

The third would be DECLUTTER in multiple areas of my life. Throw away things that hold me down and keep me from moving forward. Act quickly in deciding of things and ideas need my attention.


As I said above, FAITH has been a high priority for me. But changing to Downtown Mission Church in 2015 and hearing Pastor Charlie blow me away almost every Sunday with his deep Biblical focus and teaching combined with his passion, has made me even more committed.

I committed to using the Bible with for more than a year but this year, I am committing with the church to try the 5 Day Bible Reading Program. Bolstering my faith is important to me.

In addition, I really think that we need to be praying for the United States, its leaders, and its people daily. We have become a divisive mess of everyone spewing opinions often without any research so that people are hating each other without any foundation for the hate.

I struggle with this conflict-driven society and it has made me move farther away from people in the last few years. Sadly, I see social media, which part of me still loves, as being a culprit in destroying relationships.

One of the areas I want to expand FAITH in is trusting that God will provide. Panic as an entrepreneur is deadly and I have been known to panic. I reach out to a select group of prayer partners when I panic but in 2019, I want to pre-empt the panic. I want to place a firmer trust that I can wait for God to act instead of trying to take over myself. This will be hard but it is my goal.


I built my business by writing articles or blog posts. It should be evident that I love to write since that is what I do every day when writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles as well as myriad of other career related documents.

However, blog writing or writing articles is different. There are more than 1100 articles on this website, all written by me but in the past year, I slowed down my writing. Frankly, many times my heart wasn’t in it. Our country has been a mess as I said above.

In addition, we have been rebuilding the website and I really do need to edit the existing content, replace photos, and make sure every article is relevant for today. My web designer, Raul Colon, is also a writer and he shares his three words for the new year here.

But I love writing and I know that it is good for me to write. It is how I originally built my business and how I intend to continue to move it forward.

In the blog you, as a reader, can get to know me. You can see me as a person and from that I have often built relationships with future clients.

As I FOCUS on creating timely content with my personal spin, you will see more articles. Going back to what I love and making to focus on what is important is my goal for 2019.


The challenges of clutter in every area of my life seem to grow as I get older. While the obvious part of decluttering is the “stuff” that surrounds us and I have plans to really work on that this year, I also want to work on other clutter.

Often my life is cluttered by too many distractions or the conflicts in the world around me. As a writer, I find my creativity stifled when I hear or even read angry tones and words. I am learning to hide, leave, and pull away when I am surrounded by people, television, online content, and social media that spew negativity. I said this above too. But this is really important to me.

I would love it if people would join me in stopping the clutter of hate that keeps popping up. I truly believe in kindness and caring for one another. If you can’t help solve a problem, don’t vent about it.

On the physical stuff, I will be working this year to only keep things I really love and I hope I can convince my husband to do the same. At this point in our lives, we don’t need as much stuff as we have. I will toss, give away, and sell the excess.

Create your own my 3 Words

You don’t need to write a three words blog post to recognize that it is important to clear your head and create definition for your life.

I suggest that you continue to think deeply about what matters to you. If you want to know more about what I do, please go here.

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