How to write a resume to drive employers to call you

Ideally, everyone’s resume should drive employers to call them. Your resume should be so intriguing that employers want to have a conversation.

Your resume should tell the employer how you can help them.

For example, if one of your major projects was Site Decommissioning, you might say:

Site Decommissioning – Directed development and execution of Change Control for site decommissioning for facilities, utilities, manufacturing, packaging, laboratory, and IT to ensure data integrity, address closure of 272 Change Controls, and transfer 72 Change Controls, led closure, and transfer of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

If you are looking for a job in transportation finance, this bullet will drive employers to make the call:

Turnaround Strategy – Spearheaded turnaround supply chain strategy for PSP to decrease transportation and labor expenses while increasing on-time delivery and equipment utilization to reduce  total supply chain costs by ~40% for 300 stores for an organization with $750M in annual revenue.

The financial professional whose resume featured the above bullet was hired for a role in Transportation Finance with Amazon in 2017.

Specific and detailed information that not only shows your skill set but the results matter to the employer. It is this kind of information that will drive employers to call you.

How my interactive resume writing strategy evolved

I love the interaction of a live interview to help me understand the client. When I started my business people came to my office (and local clients are still welcome.)

During our sessions, I would write the resume. When I started, resumes were fairly simple. They needed structure and detail but they were not story-focused. You could even say they were just historical.

However, as the resume writing field evolved, resumes became much more complex. To develop a resume that matches where the client has been with his or her goals for the future is more challenging.

Customized solutions to your unique needs to drive employers to call you

You are conditioned to expect certain ways of delivering services. My innovative and interactive resume writing strategy is not what most people expect when they think about resume writers.

Typically, you provide information to resume writers via either a worksheet or an intense phone interview. Neither of those models ever worked well for me.

I provide more answers on job search issues as we work. In addition, I can offer more resources, strategy, and options than if I did intake and went away to write.

By working together, the client and I know each other much better. We do deeper research to find solutions to job search concerns. The resume becomes more powerful as I continue to dig for information.

Everyone has a different reason for changing jobs

  • Perhaps your children come first and the long hours and longer commute are separating you from your family
  • Maybe you need specific health insurance coverage because you have a child with a heart condition
  • You would like to follow your passion and work in an area outside of your current career path
  • Maybe you want a challenge in the next job greater than what you have in your current job
  • Perhaps you are getting ready for the next promotion

Job seekers want to understand job search

During our interactive resume writing sessions usually powered by Zoom, I learn about the client’s fears, concerns, and goals. I write resumes every day and teach LinkedIn strategies daily but most job seekers face job change only a few times in their career.

Every package I offer has the resume, my unique LinkedIn training combined with the LinkedIn profile content. Most clients work with me a minimum of eight hours or more depending on the package they select.

This may seem inconceivable to someone who thinks a resume is a work history but for the forward-thinking individual who places value on his career, this investment into my services will show rewards with strategic networking, better job offers, and higher salaries.

The time we spend together lets me understand the client much better and provide strategy to help them reach their goals. Intrigued? Wishing you could drive employers to call you? Learn more here.

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