3 Ways to Stop Writing Boring Resumes

3 Ways to Stop Writing Boring ResumesDo you know the reason that most people have trouble getting their resumes read? Boring resumes! They’re not worth reading!

If you write a resume that reads like a job description you will be boring the reader to tears. The hiring manager doesn’t want to read a list of duties you did. He or she wants to know how you did those duties in a way that brought the company new customers, cut costs, or improved productivity.

How to ensure you are not writing boring resumes

  1. Give the hiring manager the answer to how you were an asset in the last roles you held.
  2. Quantify your answer. Numbers make a difference.
  3. Tell a story. The best resumes are all about the story. If you can combine #1 with #2 to make the story, so much the better.

When I work with clients, I conduct my own interview to get the information I want. Most of the time, stories just pour out of them once I get them thinking.

From a recent client:

  • Rejuvenated stagnant elementary school music program, by injecting new ideas to transform the student experience and create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and energy. This elicited significant appreciation from parents who called and wrote the principal praising the program.

Are you one of those stuck in the past with a resume that puts people to sleep?

You can’t get away with a 1980’s “just the duties” resume.  Think about what you have done:

  • Revitalized office operations with implementation of innovative filing retrieval system and targeted specific clients with database using Leads 360 and Salesforce.


  • Directed $500,000 multi-agency Metro Gang Task Force operation funded by Bureau of Justice Administration grants. The Task Force targeted organized gang groups involved in narcotics distribution and violence. Task Force members: FBI, DEA, Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI), Aurora and Denver Police Departments.


  • Coached and mentored highest earning leaders throughout the company, such as partnering with the top income earner for all of Company. Boosted leader’s income by 20% in a 5-month time frame and expanded leader’s network with two new Regional Vice Presidents.

Does your resume resonate with your value? Did you infuse creativity and meaning into your resume? Or is your resume just BORING?

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