Are you afraid someone will sabotage your job search?

Are you afraid someone will sabotage your job search?

007 aside, sabotage in your job search can be real but is it worth inaction? Today, unfortunately, it can be common that someone will try to put a roadblock in your future job moves.

You may think that you have to stay put in case of sabotage

However, there is no guarantee that if you fail to go after the job of your dreams that you will be able to stay where you are.

Always have a Plan B

If you know that your ____________ (fill in the blank: your boss, your coworker, your competitor, your neighbor) could sabotage your job search and block you from your dream job, you have to think whether your dream job is more critical than your present role.

Someone will always be in the way of your goals but if you never try, you will also never win. When you stay in the same role because you are afraid that someone will block your way to the next position, you may end up sorry.

Are you afraid someone will sabotage your job search?

Take some time and figure out if you are better off where you are or in another place. If you decide that another place is better, don’t hold back because someone might make it hard for you to keep your current role if you don’t get the new one. That same person could sabotage your current role because that is their defining personality.

People who play power games with other people’s careers will always be there. But if you really want to grow in your career, you have to be willing to take a risk because saboteurs will always be there. You can’t let them win.

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