What are your roadblocks to success in your career?

What are your roadblocks to successRoadblocks? When you start thinking like this: “America has become a nation of the rich, by the rich and most especially for the rich, and the land of liberty and justice only for those who can afford it,” you put up roadblocks that will make you fail.

My entrepreneurial career path

I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my adult life. I didn’t plan to be one when I was growing up but I also couldn’t see a career path more relevant to my goals that came from working for someone else.

I worked in retail very briefly, in banking for about three years, and in property management for six years and if you count my non-profit contracts, I was in non-profit management for 18 years.

Entrepreneur in the career industry

But none of those paths gave me the sense of direction, happiness, or joy that come from being an entrepreneur in the career industry. Throughout my 30+ years of working with clients who need my help with resume writing, cover letters, and now everything from LinkedIn profiles to job search coaching, I feel a sense of joy when my clients use my help to make their next step.

As most people know, being an entrepreneur (owning your own business) has its own challenges. Income is never regular, feast and famine is the norm, and you are as affected by economic challenges as employees of other companies. You may have employees yourself but the company or business concept started with you. You must look out for the whole picture.

Avoiding the roadblocks of envy

You can spend your life being jealous of everyone who hits it big either in your own industry or in others. You can be jealous or envious of the rich and blame them for your own financial predicaments. Or you can keep your eye on your own targets, keep learning, take advantage of changes in the industry that allow you opportunity, and grow your own future.

Social media and blogs let us know what people are thinking in an instant. Some of the time what they are thinking isn’t very nice. It also creates a “me too” response that can grow into an angry mob very quickly. No wonder we see more people dealing with depression, turning to drugs and alcohol, or even committing suicide. The feeling of hopeless and anger is contagious.

Find your sense of career direction

Even if you choose the employment path, you can also work on improving yourself and reaching new goals. Sideline businesses and opportunities pop up every day. Make yourself valuable to the people in leadership roles and stop feeling angry or jealous that they got there instead of you. Make your own future.

Fill yourself with positive reading and information instead of spending your time whining on social media. The doorway to success is there but you have to put in the effort.

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