5 Reasons Why You Should Always Be in a Job Search Mindset

When you lose a job, you know you have to find another one. Most people struggle to adapt to a job search mindset after the initial shock.

I suggest that you should always be in a job search mindset. Emotions run high when you lose a job but after you find the next one, many people slip into complacency.

What is a Job Search Mindset?

For many people, there is a sense of urgency when you lose a job. You recognize that your resume is old, your LinkedIn profile is marginal or non-existent, and you realize your active network slipped to the Chamber meetings you go to quarterly.

Hopefully, this is when you start looking for help. Some people don’t even do that. They figure they will take some time off and look for a job at the end of summer or they use their ancient resume to apply and wonder why no one calls them.

Others will engage a career professional at this point. Hire a professional resume writer to write their resume and LinkedIn profile. Maybe they even know they need help with interviews and select a more comprehensive package to meet their job search needs. However, once they land that shiny new job, their job search mindset is gone.

Why do you need a continuous Job Search Mindset?

  1. There are no 30-year jobs anymore. For multiple reasons, you cannot expect to start and end your career in the same place.
  2. You never know when there will be a merger or acquisition that will affect your company.
  3. Companies close without warning. Lately, there seem to be many businesses who shut their doors overnight. Always be ready.
  4. Opportunities can arise without notice and without a current resume and LinkedIn profile, you may miss them.
  5. Occupations change. You need to keep learning to stay valuable in your industry. Every person should be computer literate today and working to expand those skills. You need them in every job.

Investment in career services is an investment that always pays back. If you are ready to make a change or just want to be ready, learn more here.

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