Are you a job seeker lost in the crowd?

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One of the most difficult things that job seekers face is being lost in the crowd. In school, often they are taught that there is only one way to create a resume and that you have to follow a specific template. Even job seekers who have been out of school for years, they still cling to that old template and old instructions.

They write stale cover letters that only act like another piece of paper on top of a boring resume not a carefully written targeted sales proposal that captures the essence of what their talents bring to the company.

They hear all about online job applications and determine that this is the only way to find a job. They blindly apply to job after job online sometimes switching to a new career site but otherwise just applying until they get totally frustrated.

Job search is changing at the speed of light and you will be lost in the crowd if you continue to use outdated job search strategies and methods.

What are proactive and cutting edge job search strategies?

  • Create a resume that resonates your accomplishments and the key words for the job target that you are seeking. If you are parroting something you read in a book or someone else’s resume, it will not be YOUR resume and it will not showcase your individuality, talents, and the value you bring to the position.
  • Write a cover letter that is a job proposal and marketing document that takes the position you are targeting and delineates why you are the one who fits their needs.
  • You can look for your next position on the job board and if needed or required, you can even apply there but then go the next step and find your networking contacts to help you get from point A to point B and find the person who is the hiring decision-maker.
  • When you are called for the interview, make sure you are following up with a thank you letter which again is more of a job proposal. Don’t leave them wondering if you really do want the job.

If you find that you could really use help to make sure you are not lost in the crowd, perhaps you might think about using an expert to make the difference.

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