Top 10 Resume Tip #2 – Use Quantifiable Resume Accomplishments

Use Quantifiable Resume Accomplishments

Why it is important to use quantifiable Resume accomplishments and what it means?

Resumes without quantifiable accomplishments (measurements) run the risk of being skipped when another candidate adds numbers.

Quantifiable Accomplishments

Obviously, certain fields lend themselves better to quantifying than others. Let’s find some examples.

In sales, you definitely want to quantify resume accomplishments. If you don’t, you probably won’t be hired.

Example of Quantifiable Resume Accomplishments for Sales

  • Generated more than 67% of the total company sales personally in the 4-year period.
  • Identified two areas with weaknesses in the competition. Launched two new geographical markets including partnership agreements, product development, launch, and promotion strategies. Delivered $70K in sales in the first year with projected annual sales of $200K.
  • Recruited as team leader to create “Best of the Valley.” Led sales charge to grow to $95,000 in revenue. Launched the sales kick-off and created incentives. Personally validated ballots to assure the accuracy of the results. Integrated entire project cross-functionally, including sales, marketing, circulation, finance, and ad services production.
  • Ignited sales $2.4 to $6.7 million annually in the 4-year period. Pioneered new sales standards and practices. Spearheaded new strategies, launched innovative needs-based training, sales incentive plans, online marketing initiatives, and introduction of the customer management program.

These Sales-related examples are from clients of Design Resumes. Incidentally, all won new positions. Look at those numbers! This is what I mean by quantifying your resume.

Example of Quantifiable Accomplishments for Manufacturing

But you say, that’s easy, sales is number-driven. OK, let’s look at manufacturing for a minute:

  • Collaborate with project engineer in the installation of a $2 million high-concentrate evaporator, anticipated to boost production by 25%.
  • Increased variety pack production from 600 cases per shift in 2005 to 4200 cases per shift. Implemented engineering improvements and creating an incentive pay system based on per case. Employees saw an increase from $10 per hour to $22 hour while costs of operations remained the same due to paying on a per case basis.

Example of Quantifiable Resume Accomplishments for Healthcare

  • Managed full patient load – from 15 to 30 patients, attracting new patients from the newly built bridge to the Grand Canyon. Emphasized features such as the 24/7 emergency room care and high acuity medical and surgical services.
  • Supervisory Management – Supervise 50 to 60 Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants on the second shift staff on an as-needed basis in two buildings with seven units.

Healthcare is clearly harder than any other. I stayed with actual hands-on care rather than use a purchasing manager or someone in management as an example. You can see that there are opportunities to inject quantifiable accomplishments in multiple fields.

Creating attention-getting resumes is all about details!

You need the keywords to fit the field. When you use this additional trick of quantifying your accomplishments, you rapidly increase the value of your resume to the hiring manager. It allows them to visualize how you can bring the same impact to their organization.

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